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Made an appointment w/ DeMartini's RV to get our Motorhome fixed due to structure damage.

When we got there we were told we would have to wait 45 minutes for it to be looked at. Finally when one of the owners looked at it he said I really do not want to do body work.

Since when???

They are so high and mighty now they don't care about customer service. Forget them. Go to the little hometown guy to get your work done. I always thought they we a class act but not anymore.

I guess they are getting to big for us regular people.

Unless you want to buy a $250000. motorhome stay away.

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they have been getting away with shady business practices for a long time now. i know one law suit pending.

they send the body work out from my understanding. i know of someone that has their motorhome there right now for body work.

we have to get the word out about this operation. they have screwed over so many people, myself included. kevin in the service department is a real *** and no cares about customer service. for get about it!

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